H E L L O !

4:13 PM

Monday, 13 June 2016

Actually i don’t like to write hello letter hehe i am not good enough for assembling word. Okay let me say Hi ! to you all, people  . It’s maybe i’m a newby but believe me, i’ve made this blog for long time ago ( i can’t remember maybe it's around my senior high school ). Awalnya aku membuat blog untuk menshare tugas atau ilmu-ilmu kuliah gizi yang aku dapat dari kampus. But then it changed to write anything both suit and work on me.
I will write anything that i like and share everything what would i do next, hope it will be useful and entertain for anyone who read. Well, I am Desy.. born on 1992. Officially i’m Nutritionist ( hmm yaa From Indonesia, next maybe i will post about my job life and my work experiences ). Food, Nutrition, Cook, Fashion, Design ( either fashion or room decor ) are several things that I interesting for . Maybe later this blog will be full of those theme hehe so.. E N J O Y !!!

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